maandag 2 juli 2012

KOSZMAR - polska dupa/iphone 2012 demotape OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! both versions!

LESS SLOW,MORE GO!!! recs #002 euro version polska dupa+Iphone + a D.I.Y. release polska dupa only-canadian version

KOSZMAR ,ex members of VIOLENT NUN/R.O.C./AFTER THE BOMBS and a few more...
they are from Vancouver-BC-Canada and have polish roots
so they decided to write all lyrics in polish
pretty damn cool!
lyrics are dark but what do you expect in times like these,about war-going to war/the atomic threat/poland/yugoslavia and so on...
they will come on a 2 sided pro printed a4,one side in polish other in english!
8 tracks on strona-side A
as a bonus on strona-side B side you'll get the 6 track iphone demo!!!!!!!!!!
recorded a month or so before the polska dupa demo was recorded
on an iphone @ the ALF house
and that one is INSANE!
raw/over the top/pissed off polish hardcore,lots of feedback,COOOOOOOL!!!
all 14 songs "mastered" by yours truly in 2 long nights filled with weed & bottles of cola LOL
my favorite track of these 14 is ''atomowa groza-atomic terror''
feedback in that 'track sounds like a nuclear storm is raging through the whole song,dont know how Thomas did this on his guitar but it sounds BADASS!!! 
but go check it out yourself

and if you live in holland,PLAY IT LOUD with the windows open,or better go outside
open a sixpack,put some polish saucers on the BBQ and let the whole neighborhood enjoy the nice tunes of our polish friends! i wanna see some complains on the PVV meldingspunt site;-0
and yeah fuck Geertje Wilders and his PVV ! and if you voted for this dumbfuck,FUCK YOU AND YOUR KIND!!!

the band will have +/- 40 copies of this euro release for sale soon,send em all to canada coz LSMG! is no you can get em from them!
contact Thomas here:

koszmarpunk (FUCKSPAM) gmail dot com


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Very Great Stuff, Dan!! Thx for this (once again...) Really raw,fresh and fun!

  2. Thanks again for all the hard work Dan, you are the fucking man! On Atomic Terror I ran a metal zone and MD-2 distortion pedals through a phaser pedal. Then I turned down the volume on the guitar and it made that awesome sound! Didn't have to play anything, just messed around with phase and distortion knobs to change up the sounds a bit. We've got tons of new material and will hopefully be releasing some more stuff soon. East and West Coast US touring plans in the works as well!

    but thx again for your kind words,now i know how you get that sweety lol
    atomic terror still favorite song overhere,followed by the new jammer,make sure you get that track o the next release!
    and an east/west coast tour sounds cooool! ill make sure you received the whole shabang before tour kicks off!!!
    won't be online much next weeks,but send me an email when you received packages allright?

  4. will do for sure! we just got all 200 of our released tapes so I'll send you some. New Jammer ended up with vocals as Life In A Grave on the demo.