zondag 15 juli 2012

THRESHOLD OF PAIN - demo 1983 (australia)


complete version-13 tracks
you guys had complains about the other one,here it is again with the orig. sound/no changes...
only did a few fade ins/outs and made it louder. and removed a little hiss from the start of songs...
1st 7 tracks sound great,than it gets worse but you hated the others ones so...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. great tape,one of the best from down under

  2. great demo indeed! too bad the best song "another bloody slaughter" have an inferior sound than the rest of the tape.
    atrocious discharge-cover too!! hahah

  3. yeah,think that track has less high tones as the others,but cant hear shit with my right ear at the moment,it cracks and pops like an abused vinyl record ha ha
    but will check again/redo it in a few days,not satisfied how it came out...


  4. thanx! looking forward to hearing it again!

  5. Der Linkt ist leider tot :-((