dinsdag 10 juli 2012

BAD NOIDS - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio 05-10-2012 (cleveland-OH)

03-gamma toaster
04-madison ave.
05-lizard people
06-bad vomit
08-the ones
09-ticket to mars
10-what's the plan
11-eyes of satan
12-simple skitzofrenia
13-stick around
14-toy piano interlude
15-poison in the kitchen
16-my country

setlist on the WFMU site is messed up!
2 are missing,1 is incorrect/not in the actual set...
think this is how it should be...but could be wrong too,haven't heard the 7'' yet...and it's pressed for the 4th time now,D.I.Y. release/small pressing numbers...i need one...
but these recordings blow the demo away for sure
put this out on a tape and ill buy it! great sloppy/snotty whatever they call it clevo hc/punk by the lil'brothers of some 9ST members,age of the guys is between 15-17!!! pretty cool,
if you're into the formaldehyde junkies ,big chance your gonna like this band too


raw nerve/observers laterrrrrrrrrr

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