donderdag 12 juli 2012

THE OBSERVERS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 2005/6 (PDX)

01-lead pill
05-what a waste
06-slipping away
07-short day
09-normally normal
10-walk alone
11-state of decay
12-????? do you know?

this one took me awhile to get it how it is right now
vocals/back ups were too loud,so tried to lower them,followed by the usual came out pretty good!
great liveset! sound is not as polished as the 4 song kboo 7'' that was taken from another kboo session in 2008 i think....

this one's dedicated to the fool that posted that i should quit the blog coz my "remasters" ALWAYS suck
this is probably one of the uploads that really took me days to get it how it is right now.the more time i spend on em,the better its gonna sound,so thx to that dumbfuck for posting the comment and giving me only more inspiration to do things better the next time,you can't kill what's inside....


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  1. Hey there, how's it going Brother ? Hope all is well ! Didn't you say you had Spotify ? I need something from there, can you help me ?