maandag 2 juli 2012

DECISIÓN FINAL - uno más demo 1991 tape (lima-peru) OFAL "remaster"

really,really GOOD demo!!!
from lima-peru 1991
sounds like the good ol' south american-latino-chicano stuff,thick bass,simple drumming,in combination with incredible melodic vocals!!!!
just recently found the demo but played it like 60 times in 1 week or something,i can listen to this over and over without getting sick of it,THAT good!!!!!
SOMEONE PLEEEEEAAASE PUT THIS OUT ON LP!!!!!!??????????????????????

play/download it here:

or here:

this one and the eske stuff will be the last uploads for awhile SUMMER BREEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. good summer break dude,you deserve it !


  2. thx!
    i need to get my ass back in shape again! sitting behind computer does my old body no good lol
    summers suck overhere so probably won't take long
    but if everything goes well i'll return with some cool own vinyl rips,pictures of the whole shabang,and with the final LSMG release!
    thx again for the comment!

  3. You can upload a link : DECISION FINAL RESCATADOS DE LA IGNORANCIA , please !