woensdag 18 juli 2012

THE DEAD SCENESTARS (DSS) - absolute horror 7'' 2003 (frýslan-the netherlands)

a dutch classic,yep
after 9 yrs this is still a BADASS 7''
dutch boston hardcore worship and done really well!
to me this is the best NJW recs release (together with the mutiny 7'') from their early days as label
many more followed but this is raw pissed off hardcore the way we like it
nice Bukowski artwork as well...
shouldn't be that hard to pick up a copy coz i think at least 1000 copies are made and since hc is dead in the netherlands you can probably pick one up for a buck ;-0
if you digged the new shipwrecked lp and the boston strangler lp,give this a listen. underated.
8 songs,incl barfight! this is actualy their promo cd,with a few fade ins/outs...
if memory serves correct one of the members is living in san diego right now making a living as a tattoo artist...
NJW recs is still going strong and their latest release is the TRIPLE THREAT demo 7'' ,the dutch band,who only did a tape,worth picking up if you can appreciate some fast youth crew-ish stuff

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  1. Another quality post - thanks for sharing... :)

  2. Awesome, I was looking for this for a very very long time! I know I could order the Ep from NJW recz but since my record player broke, this is the alternative. I played with my old band a couple of shows with these guys back in the day. And yes one of the guitarplayers moved to the USA.
    I bookmarked your blog, so I can browse it when I have more time. Keep up the good work!!!