maandag 23 juli 2012

CORRUPTION - infest of rage 12'' /50 out this summer!!!!!!!

will be back after summer break with this final release on 12'' vinyl,with all the orig artwork from the tape done by Tim (SANDMAN) Sanders R.I.P.
this record is also dedicated to the memory of Billy Wedgeworth who passed away in 2010 while he was in custody...R.I.P.

test press cover /5

reg cover /50

working on the last track so if everything goes right it will go to the plant after this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's a teaser
both final versions

all artwork will be fixed prof. by Franky Deny-CRACKS IN THE WALL etc..,who did a bunch of cool artwork and knows what he's doing,probably a gatefold with the lyrics printed/ or maybe screened??? on the inside
first press of 50 copies,black vinyl ,gatefold??? cover
available for order in august/early september...

10 copies + a test press will go to Billy wife, Sandy & his son William
so only 40 left for sale!...well 38...not sure if/when a 2nd press will follow so if you want one,you should act quick when it's out!!!
also doing a very lim run on cd,this one will get a nice digipack cover
same artwork...lyrics on a folded poster with the artwork on the other might come out a little later...

hopefully this will include some pictures/stories from one of Billy's closest friends,but not sure...but it will come out with all the orig artwork and lyrics and stuff so it will look/sound good.
have a good summer & stay pissed!


and made some other promises too,so LSMG isn't dead yet,at least 2 more lp's will follow...
the plant i used for the sucked dry 7'' just started pressing inhouse pressing from 50 copies so this is just what i needed,they did a great job on the sucked dry vinyl soundwise so pretty sure the corruption and these will come out great too

not sure when still in the works! release date unknown
audio is ready,covers,pain in the ass but who knows i'm getting creative ...

BLOEDBAD demo's lp /50 or /100
PIPOKOEIE/DAS BRÉÉTELS split lp /50 or 100

i'm gonna sell a few records to finance these records,if anyone is intrested in buying :

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH lp test presses of both lp's (with custom made covers)

STALAG 13 -  in control test press on DR STRANGE with printed labels (all other presses came with white labels)
15/20 copies made,comes in a promo poster,as sleeve)

STALAG 13 - in control test press on SOA recs (euro release) #/15 on the dustsleeve with cover

MECHT MENSCH 7'' on bone air recs in a good condition with the insert

and probably a shitload more...
contact me when intrested,no trades! serious offers only,i know what i'm selling...
probably will post a full list on here too,got plenty of newer double/lim. versions of records
too much doubles/colours and crap...a few tapes too...shits gotta go...

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