vrijdag 27 juli 2012

STALAG 13 - 16 track 1983 demo & live in L.A. 1984 cd-r (oxnaaaaaaard-CA) NEW LINK + PLAYER

scans of the bootleg demo 7'' from 199?
paid $30 bucks for this full of scratches,sucks so hopefully the 16 track demo get the threatment it deserves one day,on lp vinyl!
so if the S13 guys or DR strange recs folks reading this
PLEEEEEEEEEEASE PUT THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

back up with a new link on the archive!
you can play/stream/download it overthere!

http://archive.org/details/Stalag13-Demo-live YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE VBR ZIP ON THE LEFT OF YOUR SCREEN! save file to comp and you'll get the 320 kbps mp3's i normally uploaded to mediafire...

go enjoy this piece of history,did my best to take out the tapenoise and tried to stay as close to the original sound as possible,but tapenoise masked with extra bass gives some cracks and pops but hope this is enjoyable
PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks a lot for another quality post...!

  2. also, the monkees originally did stepping stone

  3. yeah,i found out when cover was done,not gonna change it anymore ;-0

  4. For the love of god, please reupload!

  5. Dan,
    You've planted the seed of curiosity in my mind when you mentioned Neuk! and Osdorp Posse. As I like a lot of hip-hop I tried to find out more info and I discovered the Nederhop. But it's very dificult to get some stuff available for download and I'd like to ask you if you have the Neuk! ‎– Dopeheid Troef CD and if you could post it.