woensdag 28 juli 2010

ARREBATO - muchas palabras en poco tiempo demo 2009 (argentina)

ive got another email from a guy named Nicolas from argentina
he played in the band ARREBATO
in the attachement was a folder with cover and lyrics and the message,this was my old band,hc/punk/crossover stuff,enjoy! and some more i can't read ;-0
but i like getting these emails!!!
because this is good stuff,i dont put up crap i dont like so thats said
4 tracks on this demo from 2009
and hard to pin down their sound,think a modern crossover style,not thrashy not really hc either,but its pretty good!
and from argentina.....i always thought they only play the heavy NYHC style overthere ;-)
said it before,im a sucker for latin stuff,those bands have most times a good message/lyrics/sounding more pissed off/sincere as the "normal" bands and what more
if you want more info,go visit their myspace
4 track demo 2009

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