donderdag 15 juli 2010

TRAGEDY - AJZ bielefeld-germany 2004 & next : B.S.E. - 1999-2001 fastcoregraphy /VERBAL ASSAULT - LIVE! 1987-1989 (5 sets)

not much to find about tragedy online so took me some time to make a decent looking cover but this looks nice i think
great soundboard set from the early days,hype band but def deserved in my opinion (and many many others ;-)
track "day after" CHILLS! so fucking goooooooooood!!!!!!
not really into the crust/d-beat stuff but tragedy and our own dutch pride SANDCREEK MASSACRE both rock hard with some nice melodies thrown in,me like like ;-)
added awhole lot of bass to the tragedy set,maybe even too much but this stuff has to sound heavy,just play it LOUD!!! and you will be fine
first 2 tracks the sound guy from AJZ is fooling around with the sound,dont blame me ;-)
all in all this came out real nice i think.

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  1. dan, send me your email adres and i will send you a better bse discography than the fastcoregraphy,more live shit and some artwork/pics/bio/video with it.