zondag 25 juli 2010

VILE INTENT - shadow of the skull 7'' montreal powerviolence!!!

demo 2008 front

VILE INTENT from montreal-QC canada plays powerviolence,and so goddamn well,forget SFN and whatever hype band (H.O.D. rules ;-)

you gotta check this band out if you like it fast and mean

their 2008 demo blew me away but in those 2 yrs that followed i didnt pay puch attention to em,pretty stupid coz they recorded a bunch of new tracks,and these would fit perfect on less slow recs,but SLAP-A-BOVINE recs ;-) aka CHOKING HAZARD recs from canada got the honor to release it.

yesterday i was checking my emails and i got an email from Brant-VILE INTENT with a link to their site and a dl link to the new 7''

and the message,post it if you are into it.
and hell yeah im into it!!!
i only played this a few times sofar but i can tell already : this is a top 10 record of this year kids
7 great tracks in 10 minutes,2 re-recorded from the demo
the 7inch is recorded by the same guy who recorded the demo also, so this sounds really tight/good!
thats what most powerviolence bands lack these days ,good/powerfull productions
but this is very well done
they switch from slow to ultra fast parts real quick,so this is an explosive record,its getting better and better the more you play it
no sucking up but this is the best thing ive heard this year sofar
you can visit their website/blog here

dl the "shadow of the skull 7'' here

and when its out,you can order here:

THX to Brant for sending this while record is not even out yet,thats the spirit

and if you like it,leave a comment and buy the vinyl!

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