donderdag 22 juli 2010

DEAN DIRG - YOUTH ELITE ROCK cd-r (demo 2000 & live @ side 2 studios 2010 / 10 yr anniversary)

cd-r front = done
have to figure out titles for the liveset and than it should be done quick,already edited,if anyone wanna help out with the titles,lemme know! its appreciated!
tagged,but as said,not all titles,if you want the complete thingy,just wait till i drop the final link incl final covers
liveset taken from
(more cut up sets will follow (coke bust/acid reflux/
and Alexiz who's doing
just put up the nazi dust tape version of their set,go check it,pretty cool recordings done by Ryan BLANKSTARE in his studio,much thx to him for putting up those sets!!!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. i don't have the live set
    but i have the demo with titles - if you like i can sent it over
    with "9 refreshing ways to say fuck-off" demo
    awesome live band, a lot of fun.
    also the split with bombenalarm is great

  2. thx mike,
    got the demo with titles...
    but the 9 refreshing ways is different as the demo 2000 right? just wanna make sure i dont put up any released stuff? some titles are the same...ill put it up,lemme know if theres a mistake or you know any titles ok

  3. the link is not working dan
    check it out

  4. hey dan
    i found three titles (better than nothing)

    12. 8.95 $ (not "i won't pay")
    17. I don't like you(r band)
    19. Some kinda hell

  5. THX!
    were getting there ;-) im gonna spend some time tonight checking their records ;-)


  6. there was already a re-release of the 2000 demo on 7inch by the band in 2009. "9 refreshing ways..." is their first vinyl release (10inch) from 2001.

  7. 19 = some kinda hell
    21 = punk (gun) punk
    any specific tracknumbers left ?

  8. it's been awhile...have to check if everything is filled in
    ill bump it soon coz ill add the life during wartime set when i figured out titles (if you wanna help out,lemme know!)