woensdag 21 juli 2010

RATIONS - anger and disgust demo & live @ st. stephens church 07-10-'10 (DCHC)

5 songs from the "anger & disgiust" tape on trashking productions
(still tapes available!!!, & make sure you order the 85 demo too!! ) BADASS stuff!
last 8 tracks are fresh rips from a video shot by Sunny Sing http://www.hate5six.com/
you can watch it and dl it on vimeo! wasted time,worn thin/stri
king distance reunions too !!!!!!!!! sweeeet
boosted up the sound for the mp3's and they sound nice
think they dont have a website yet,but if you wanna contact em you should contact Nick COKE BUST or something,he plays bass in RATIONS with some other members from other dc bands,SICK FIX ETC..

allright,go check it here and go order the tape here


MOB MENTALITY demos next! demo was supposed to be repressed but line up changes etc ,not ganna happen anymore so up next!

but first heres the RATIONS stuff


(if you are in the netherlands and dont wanna order yourself,i ordered 3 copies of each (rations/85) so 2 left for sale...contact me in a week or so if you want one or both!

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