zaterdag 17 juli 2010

PELIGRO SOCIAL - seguimos aki demo 2006 (LA)

Havent listened to this one for awhile but cleaning up my comp and checking data dvd's for goodies and this is still their best effort i.m.h.o. so here it is.
not really fast but catchy stuff,nice for a change
shake your booty! ;-0
the lp has a couple of good ones on it too,
go to

to get your copy (if its still available...?) but the new split isnt sold out yet,or just pick up some other goodies in the label/distro
think this has the vocalist of an old LA band who did an lp & 7'' but as said before,i got CRS disease,i cant remember i have to look for it and probably post the lp too,coz its good,that one thing i do know for sure;-

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