donderdag 8 juli 2010

THE CRUCIFIED - nailed demo 1987

christian crossover/hardcore! speedy songs so pretty damn goooooooooood,no shit!!
if you dont wanna check this out because theyre christian your a stupid fuck! your missing out some good tunes
they did another demo after this,but not as good,and a bunch of cd's 4 or 5 i believe,i only know the pillars of humanity cd,which i listened pretty often back in the day
all their cd's were released on the TOOTH AND NAIL record label,which was a christian hc/punk/metalcore label,with releases like focal point,torn apart,strongarm too i believe,some bands were really good at that time,still can listen to the strong arm stuff too...
but back to the demo's,ive got an 86 demo too,raw quality but not sure irf its the same band,sounds almost too fucked up for some christians ha ha ,anyone got some info on that demo?
nailed demo!

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