zaterdag 31 juli 2010


venice virus grabbed me again so its time to put up a bunch of cleaned up flyer art i used for cdr live covers and stuff,offcourse ill post the music too ;-)
so the next days will be dedicated to the venice hc scene from the 80's
starting with the EVOL demo

01-crimes of violence
02-one word of truth
03-death machine
have to dig up the back/cdr sticker pics...

and more venice skatedeck pics up soon! finished 4 more decks (2x cycotic youth,1x beowulf and another excel deck,came out EVOL deck with the art above will follow soon,its the same as the cycotic youth skull but who cares,it looks badass!

but heres the evol demo,songs are on the cd as well but this sounds not as flat/clean as the cd version,these were recorded earlier in '89,but the cd is a classic too so what am i bitching
great stuff!!!!!!!
experiment in fear 8 track cd is available @ who also did some other good venice records (dead reagan tour,fist of fury etc...)
if you take a good look you can see where i stole & butchered the art for the white ST deck ;-)

i'm living with my cyco self,with a feeling of hate...