donderdag 15 juli 2010

THE EXPLOITED - baroeg,rotterdam-the netherlands 1996 (CELEBRATING 30 YRS OF ANARCHY & CHAOS)

a set recorded @ the baroeg overhere in 1996

great soundboard sound & an old feeling to it too,not as metallic as you would expect (beat the bastards lp era) it sounds more 80's,thick bass sound in the tracks "beat the bastards" & "affected by them" ,play em over and over,this is how punk has to be played kids ;-)


they touring japan/south america etc so go see em!
Grown up listening to these guys and suprised they're still going,new guitar player and new recordings too,cant wait to hear the result.
and the exploited's statement is backed by OLD FAST AND LOUD! for tour dates and more info!

live @ baroeg 1996 mp3

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