zondag 11 juli 2010

FLOORPUNCH - live @ patronaat,haarlem-the netherlands-europe 02-14-2010 NEW VERSION!!!


this disc is made under the influence ha ha but came out REALLY NICE!!!

great band,great set! read some stories on the net this show was a letdown to some visitors,but to me this sounds/looks like good fun so dont know whats up with those dudes..you gotta bitch about bands doing reunions right,sooooo hc...

taken from a video,fooled around with audacity a bit and finally start to understand a few things,
made the audio "stronger" and awhole lot louder...

they talked alot between songs and dude who filmed/edited the footage took it out so dont blame me...to me this the best live rip i did sofar


watch or dl m4a video here:

live @ patronaat-haarlem 2010 cd-r (320 kbps mp3) NEW CUT/VERSION
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! delete the other version please??????? this one is better edited and stronger/louder sound too!!! lemme know if you hear the difference or not,maybe im just wasting my time...no clue what im doing ;-)
back cover changed too,but not in the folder so grab it from here and replace the old version

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