vrijdag 3 september 2010

AMSTERDAMNED - DOPE! 1982-1983 cd-r disc 1! (WITH JOKE!!!)

pics taken from http://www.sonidosrabiosos.blogspot.com/
funny,i couldnt find anything and he's from brasil and did found these pictures,nice job & thx!
made a new front cover with these pics and it looks better i think

first 7 tracks from the "als je haar maar goed zit comp lp's from 1982 and 1983
than 12 live track recorded in 1982 @ the centre liberio,london-U.K. audience but cleaned!
Joke - vocals
Alex - bass and vocals
Wilco - guitar
Rene - the things you bang on
you can use the other one as disc 2 but im gonna clean that one too,both sets have tapenoise so gonna remove it,ill leave the lp tracks on that disc too
but heres the 1st one,remember for the liveset,it comes from 1982! audience recorded ,lots of tapenoise,had to remove it twice ..so you hear a few weird noises,not loud but when your close on your speakers you can hear it but as usual PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DUTCH HC PUNK if you didnt knew ;-)

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