zaterdag 25 september 2010

VERBAL ASSAULT - demo 1984 with 1st vocalist! (CLEANED!!!)

came out real nice this one!

everytime i play this it reminds of a dude on slsk who "adviced" me to take it off my shared files coz it was so rare
i asked why i should do that coz i dl it on there too as a 1 track
his answer was: some people have no clue what they are dl-ing so they dont deserved it to listen to it,can you fucking believe it
never took it down offcourse,instead i posted it everywhere i could ha ha
and now i can "clean" i did my best to make this one sound real nice
i like it alot,great bass sound,go get it! and spread it! ;-)
always liked the eyes logo and thinking back i had a hoody of it,but cant remember where it is/what i did with it????? sucks
but enjoy!


p.s. still working on the 5 livesets too,especially the set at cb's is hard to fix,lots of tapenoise,but ill get it done soooooooooooon

2 opmerkingen:

  1. glad you aren't a JERK like the soulseek guy and actually spread the rarities instead of hoarding them! Thanks!

  2. :( The link doesn't work... Can you re-up this amazing stuff again please? I love Verbal Assault and this is the first time that I heard about this demo... Cheers from Spain!!!