dinsdag 7 september 2010

RATTICIDIO - los argentinos somos desechos humanos cd (argentina)

got another email ...think i pissed off some argentina's with saying , i thought there were only NYHC styled bands overthere,but they prove my wrong by sending in stuff

this was send in by Esteban (thx dude!)
his band RATTICIDO released this a few yrs ago and they sound ala later D.R.I./S.O.D. with a modern twist to it.
the lyrics are in spanish,too bad the english translation file was damaged so cant read lyrics
but they deal with the political situation in argentina i think and the drawning on the back gives you an idea too,destroy capitalism.
lots of tracks on this cd!
i like all songs on this disc,but have to admit the 2nd part best,those songs are a bit more raw as the others,probably recorded earlier
76 minutes of good produced argentina hardcore/crossover
GO GET IT! gooooood stuff!
more info here:
covers/poster included in folder!
here you can dl the english translation
i still can't open it myself unfortunenaly,but maybe you got more luck,if so hope you can return it as a text file?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi dude, im Esteban, im sending you the translating lyrics...


    I would like to put the letters to download, if you dont mind..

    Maybe you'll find some mistakes.. so I apologize for that xD

    So.. thx for upload my band, and thx for the good critic

    Cheers for Argentina, and thx for support us

  2. good old arrebato friends are this band bro!