vrijdag 17 september 2010

DISGUST - live screamings to trash back cd-r (venlo-holland)

the "grachtkerk" was a church in A'foort before it got squatted (kippehok squat) by Jos-Paul,Olaf -LARM/SEEIN RED and friends in the mid 80's
many great bands played overthere,HERESY,LARM and whatever more
its hard to find a written history of the kippehok squat,pictures of the squat even more
hopefully Jos writes something in the near future on his blog http://www.distortiontodeafness.blogspot.com/
about it,would be cool to read it
DISGUST did the same thing in venlo,they squatted the V.H.C. ...more info soon!

track 01-15 recorded @ the kippehok squat in A'foort holland 1985
track 16-30 taken from the live screamings to trashback '85 livetape,if anyone has more info on where these tracks are recorded would be cool!
and still 2 tracks unknown to me,cant figure it out so help with those is appreciated too!
ill make a back cover when i got all titles....
both sets cleaned,took me awhile,sound is different 1st one sounds like they play in your living room,pretty cool,the 2nd was harder to clean but i'm satisfied with the end result,HAVE FUN!
most pictures taken by Martin Lavente

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