dinsdag 14 september 2010

BOB BARKER YOUTH / FATAL NANCHAKU - split cd (us-france)

BB & FATAL NUNCHAKU are both fastcore/powerviolence bands
FN ala charles bronson etc
about BB,what can i say,cut me up again!
i luv those guys,youth crew mixed with fastcore huh ,yeah and very well done too
only had the split lp with AND I CAN WAIT and always wondered if they released more
found this baby,released last year on a few labels,split lp is their best work but even the reh & demo stuff is pretty good but they lack in quality
sold out through the labels so good luck finding your copy (some distros still have some!)
badly ripped (better rip when i receive my copy!) its not ripped as the full cd but as seperated tracks so a few songs are missing a few seconds,cut of the silence in between but still...
still have to redo a few tracks coz i tried to boost it a bit too
so patience my dear comrades! will be up tonight! COKE BUST live 2007-2009 cdr too!

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