zaterdag 11 september 2010

DISGUST - complete 1984-1985 demo's & 7'' CLEANED! (limburg-holland)

more info later too,gonna clean up 2 livesets too tomorrow that will be disc 2!
the lp has not all songs from the demos so decided to put this up
quality of the lp is way better offcours,prof. remastered and i just fool around a bit
so you should def. go buy that one,sounds really good!
edit: one full day and the live stuff is done too...
but i hate to say it,im not satisfied with the set @ the kippehok squat in A'foort so wasted my afternoon and gonna redo it tomorrow
but the live screamings to trash back tape came out real good so thats something,but will put em up when theyre done,still have to figure out the remaining missing titles (7) but won't be a problem i think
so check back tomorrow for 50+ min of live disgust!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Dan! Thx for Disgust.
    I read your blog very very often and you make the best fucking blog all over the net, that it's clear!
    Thx for all this stuff... in good sound quality anymore.
    Cheer from France.