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B.S.E. - 1998-2001 discography (hilversum-holland)

art by Nabbe the Bastard '99

Sanne had too much '99

KRISIS H'sum 30-04-'99 gig with FAIRFIGHT

osnabruck-germany '99 with ASSHOLE PARADE

hoogeveen with POINT OF FEW

live 1 in 12 club bradford uk

bio by Vincent
B.S.E. started in december 1998,the first show was on new years eve (i think) as a 3 piece
Roy - vox/Babes - bass/Vin - drums
we played 6 songs in 5 minutes in front of a bunch horrified hippies
Brian-guitar was already in the band but not at the first show,his brother Sanne joined the band later as a 2nd vocalist
Our next shows were 10 min. blasts of mayhem thx to the band INSULT who let us play the last 10 min of their shows
they even took us to germany to play a show with YACOPSAE,they went home with the amps leaving insult & bse with no gear to play the gig
these first shows helped us alot,we got offered more shows and made some rehearsal tapes to hand out at shows
the rehearsal tapes had different covers/tracks and was not a real demo
one song (pleurop) was released on a dutch anti europe compilation
The response to the tape and shows was good enough to make us think about making a "real" recording
INSULT gave us the honor to release a split 7'' with em so in the summer of '98 we went down south and recorded the "wall of death" session
(recorded by Erwin Hermsen who did also work for INSULT/MANGLED/INHUME/BILE...)
@ the COCKROACH rehearsal room in jully '99
we lost half of the recordings due to a powerfailure
most songs ended up on the split ep with INSULT which was released in december '99 on BALOWSKI recs
not happy with the original artwork,Roy and Vin made new artwork /50 for the U.K. tour

After playing alot of shows ,incl. an amazing show with ASSHOLE PARADE in germany (still ashamed we lost playing football to a bunch of americans but Sanne took revenge by injuring their guitarplayer,he limped the whole show ;-0
after playing 2 shows with HARD TO SWALLOW (best band we opened for)
we recorded the "under control" session @ a local studio,we made the songs for a split 7'' with STRONG INTENTION but the record never came out
these songs ended up on the split 7'' with P.C.P. and was released on UPS recs
long after the band was dead and buried

At the time of recording we also planned a U.K. tour with INSULT for the summer of 2000
just before tour we kicked out Brian and Jan Willem (INSULT) was nice enough to fill the empty spot
we toured the uk for an insane week with NARCOSIS/VOORHEES/DEAD INSIDE/SAWN OFF/URKO..
after the tour,Babes left because he didnt like playing in front of people and didnt want to do anymore shows
he was replaced by Rutger (STOORZENDER/FORECLOSURE)
we did qa couple of more shows with this line up but it didnt work anymore,
Roy and Sanne started a new project (ALL TENSED UP) and asked Vincent to play drums
ATU changed from project to a full band very fast and Roy and Vin pulled the plug out of B.S.E. in early 2001.


"pleurop" was released on a anti europe comp tape
"what's worse" was released on SHORT,FAST,AND LOUD! comp cd on SLAP-A-HAM recs
5 tracks from the "wall of death " session released as the split 7'' with INSULT on balowski recs (1000 made)
and 5 tracks from the "under control" session released as the split 7'' with P.C.P. on UPS recs (500 made)

and maybe a 10'' of the full recording sessions (16 tracks) will see the daylight in the near future
who knows...

what we have here is the full discography 1998-2001 starting with their best stuff (imo) the wall of death session,followed by the under control session,than youll get a rehearsal from '99 and last but not least the full gig @ KRISIS H'sum '99

there's a fastcoregraphy floating around on slsk but these recordings come from master and some are remastered and have different intro's etc
so throw away the old version and get this
all in one folder/tagged & volume level changed so everything has the same volume

DAMN I HATE TYPING!!!!!! so don't expect more of these posts ;-)
and why does nobody tell me the link was'nt working? DON'T BE SHY! lol

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  1. c'mon what does it say ?
    10 minutes and it should be done,RELAAAAAX!!!!!!!


  2. Great shit. I didn't know the split w/ Insult. Would be great hear it! :D


  3. thats their best stuff! this is the full session (3 extra tracks! incl a MDC cover)
    too bad they lost 50% of the session,but these 8 tracks + the full under control session (also 3 extra tracks) will hopefully come out as a 10'' on my label next year...


  4. Man, wat a great band. My fucking cup of tea. Love those guys.

    PD: whats your label?

  5. LESS SLOW,MORE GO! recs

    sucked dry - falling apart at the seams 7'' is #001 pick it up when you see it,record rules! ;-)

  6. dan, thanx for posting, link works fine, except for half of the pics (teveel letter tekens).

  7. gaaf om weer eens te horen... toch vind ik All Tensed Up gaver (ook omdat ik die regelmatig gezien heb "back in the days" denk ik...). Eind jaren '90 "nedertrash in opkomst" was een mooie tijd...
    saludos uit mexico.

  8. hey Sander,
    neem aan dat alles goed is in mexico? ;-)
    mischien dat ik binnenkort ATU disco er ook op pleur
    check back sooooooon
    meer opgeschoonde nederlandse zooi deze week!

    grrr Dan


    on there i posted a better version