maandag 6 september 2010

NEGATIVE FX - government war plans demo's LP 2005 (MA)

the latest score
screened test press /4 on distortion/parts unknown recs by negative Dave incl xeroxed flyers used for the lp and a cover of the demo 7'' with a personal note on the back,pretty damn cool
also have the white label one in the collection
asked Dave what was up with those screened covers coz i thought i had a real test...

story is : the ones with white label were /100
i was bummed to hear coz i paid too much for it but now it comes...
Jason parts unknown took the box with the remaing tests to a club or whatever and you can guess what happened,he lost the box that night
so only a few copies are spread with the white labels (bought mine from the hate the 80's dude...) the other ones never popped up so who knows what happened to em
but Dave also had 4 copies with white labels,and he screened the centerlabels and screened a cool black cover
i was lucky enough to score one of em;-0
see pics above

and the lp sounds way better as the demo 7'' ,plenty of songs on it and raw as fuck,fits perfect on here,so here ya go 27/8 tracks of classic boston hardcore

vinyl maybe still available in the pu store...but its closed at the moment...

cd available on (vinyl sold out)

mp3's here

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