zondag 19 september 2010

DISABUSE - live 1988-1994 2x cd-r (winterswijk-holland) next-SOON!

disc 1 :
live @ metal attack fest 1988 eibergen-holland
live @ de onderbroek,nijmegen-holland 0ct 30 1989
disc 2
live @ vragender novermber '94
still missing 5 tracks of the set @ the onderbroek,gonna ask the band if theyre willing to help out coz i cant figure out myself,so patience my dear thrashers

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Can't wait till these are up..
    Hope you finish soon!
    Disabuse is my favorite band right now man.

  2. Actually I have Oh No....It's Live! right here:


    And maybe you could release them even though they're incomplete? You know, like a beta version. And then just make a new link when they're finished.
    Please consider this cause I need some Disabuse!!!

    -Thrash on

  3. are these finished or did you forget about them...

  4. sorry dude,again...LAZY and forget...old,retarded etc...
    i've got em on my external,still need to clean/cut em a bit
    saw i havent done anything to it yet...
    ILL START ON IT SOON! promise.


  5. posted the metal attack part awhile ago,after that,my dumbass deleted both folders from my comp. pretty sure ive got em somewhere on data dvd but need to check a whole a box of unlabeled stuff...not funny...gonna take days...but who knows ill start on it one of these days...sucks,i know...