donderdag 23 september 2010

KRIEGSHOG - war for peace lp 2010 (japan)

no words for this one
im glad i was lucky enough to score a copy on red with obi ;-0 sold out so go get a black one before theyre gone!!
should be in the mail one of these days,i cant fu#$%^$%7 wait!!!!!!! but as always mp3's are easy to find these days so here ya go
listening to this for days now,and damn,everything is right on this lp,no weak moments
every song is a ripper,so fucking intense!!!
the producion is above average too and lifts up this record even more
Paco said it in the description too but this is a future classic in its genre,this will end up in many top 10 list @ #1 for sure! go get it!
probably the best lp of this year!!

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