maandag 16 augustus 2010

SCOTT BAIO ARMY - it's time to party!!! 1999-2004

denver-CO faaaaaaaastcoregraphy 1999-2004
tracks from the demotape/barbaric thrash comp 2xcd + 7'' on 625 recs
tracks from the join the army 7''
tracks from the split lp with line of decent,check that stuff too,bit crusty but goooood!
tracks from split 10'' with the lumps ,same as the split lp ,lumps are good too! but 10'' is harder to find as the split lp,7'' recently pops up more too,think its re pressed
last tracks are from the live on KZSU radio in stanford,CRUCIAL SECTION & WHN? played a set overthere too,if anyone recorded them,would luv to hear em!
hilarious intro's recorded at a higher speed,so if doesnt make you smile i dont know ...i was just getting ready to get into some heavier stuff lol
reminds me i still have to pick up the split 10'' too,livetape was a D.I.Y. release lim. to 100 copies
hard to track down as tape version...but this is good enough for on your ipod or whatever weird new things you guys are using today ;-)
ENJOY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it took so long ;-0

6 opmerkingen:

  1. is this discography still coming? i have the join the army ep, the line of descent split lp, and the lumps split 10"... all are so good, but would love mp3s while i am an ocean away from my record collection, cheers!

  2. yeah but you should know im very slooooooooow/lazy
    but it needs a little cleaning,some cuts are badly done so doesnt sound as i want to,but think ill fix it tonight,dont promise anything but check back soon!


  3. good thing you didn't promise! still looking out for this, but no worries you're doing great with everything else!

  4. thx dude
    to make it up with you ill start on it now
    next time you read this you can dl it!

  5. don't check back in 5 minutes offcourse ;-)
    take a nice long shit or something or do some nice things with your lady ,in an hour it should be done! ;-0

  6. you are fucking brilliant, well done sir. it was a long shit, it was a good shit.