zondag 8 augustus 2010

R.I.P. Billy Wedgeworth (CORRUPTION)

just got a sad email from his wife Sandy,
Billy passed away on sunday august 1 2010
a day before i emailed him...i dont know what happened but just wanna let you know the corruption 7''/10'' wont probably ever see the daylight
Billy was the lead vocalist of the band corruption,he also was the lead vocalist for HIRAX in 1987

i asked Sandy if she still wants me to release it or just leave it all behind,but fact is he was really excited there was a new young generation outthere that still wanted to hear their music
im really sad i never had the chance to talk him
there are some bullshit stories on the net about him and his death
just let him rest in peace.

we'll meet on the other side,hope you found your peace
update : Sandy decided to let me continue with the release so thats really nice,ill make something nice of it,i promise!!!!!
if anyone has pictures of corruption/Billy or cool stories you know where to contact me!!! any help is appreciated!! thx in advance