dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

D.R.I. - the dirthiest,the filthiest demo's & live in New Jersey march 1984 cd-r

allright,heres the 1st version

took me 3 days to clean it up
this is the bootleg that recently came out as an lp but with lots of tapenoise,bad endcuts and what more,not worth your $$ i think
finally know how to remove tapenoise so this is the 1st attemp,some came out real good,5 or so came out with some weird noises from removing the hiss,but ill redo those till it sounds decent
i tried to keep the sound "filthy" i luv that hollow tree sound of the drums/bass together so i even put a little extra in it ;-)
also found a great liveset from 1984 on data dvd,boosted sound a bit and here ya go,49 tracks of early and goooooood old DRI
the liveset is with Eric Brecht behind the kit,march '84,but dont know venue/exact date,
:edit: at the end you hear they play CBGB's next week,so its def '84 a week before the dvd was filmed,ill look up date..
but ill ask/look around,its def before dwi was recorded coz structures/riffs/lyrics are different
it will get a different cover too,this is just quickly done for now
D.R.I. was/is still my favorite band ever!
i remember a review someone wrote for the DWI lp many many yrs ago and he wrote how he drived his bike as fast as he could to get home from school,so he could play the dwi record,pretty cool,i was on the other side of the world but i did exactly the same at age 13/14,played tapes back than offcourse but i played that record so many times you dont wanna know,and still when i put it up,it has the same impact,im almost 35 now and still wanna jump around my room and smash everything ;-)
Spike is doing good and won the battle against cancer and theyre currently playing shows again and HOW!
try to put up live vids soon!
but enough rambling for now
go get this !!! & play it loud till the madman comes knocking at your door
than turn up volume and play it again ;-)

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