zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

ULTIMATE BLOW UP - demo 2009 & 12 track e.p. OUT NOW ! on KBD recs! (TURKEY)

above the cover of the demo released on
you can dl the demo here,incl all pics

Baris (guitar/vocals) & Onur (bass)
Ugur - slamming and growling

flyer from a gig overhere

12 track e.p. OUT NOW!!! on KILLED BY DEATH records from france
for more info go here

BADASS ARTWORK! and 12 tracks of fast/tight powerviolence with some Y2K thrashy parts,just traded a few copies so if anyone in the netherlands is intrested...
this won't leave my turntable for a fews days,pretty sure
GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!
the band is touring europe as i write this so go see/support em if you got the chance!

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