dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - 924 gilman street,berkeley,san fransisco-CA 05-23-'07 FULL SET VIDEO

PRETTY DAMN COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL,old farts reunited in 2007 for a bunch of gigs together with CHRIST ON PARADE,this gig took place @ the legendary 924 gilman str
converted from dvd but not by me,so dont blame me if you see a blue screen for a few seconds,audio is a bit out of sync too,but still great footage
ive mentioned it before,stuff available from http://www.taang.com/
make sure you buy the demo on lp!!!!!!!!,just noticed this scorcher is bootlegged but i guess theyre ok with it coz taang is selling em too in their store,for 12 bucks,vinyl conflict in richmond-va is selling em too so if taang is out of em try them!
its a european bootleg,probably german so europeans can check greenhell mailorder etc,pretty sure this will pop up in many distro's
and its never released on vinyl so that pretty damn cool,i need one for sure.
go check this one out and if you got a better copy of this gig,hook me up!