woensdag 25 augustus 2010

MELENA - 2005 demotape (fem/male fronted-finland

now something different

not so old but still great stuff,Melena are from Finland released this tape in 2005 but didnt hear much from em after this release,they did a cd in 2007,remembered it wasnt as good as the demo,they had some songs with a saxophone,can be nice but didnt really work for me...
but this demo kicks butt!
male/fem vocals,the male vocals are crusty while the fem vocals have some nice melodies,combination sounds really good i think
tape is raw,but good produced,a keeper
thx to Andre for the rip!

next will be the altaarin kusipaat demo from '98 also finnish and female fronted! and with sax!!! but catchy as hell


no scanner so only the tunes for now...(yeah ill buy one ;-)


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