woensdag 25 augustus 2010

HEIBEL - THROSH & MASH!!! 1985 rehearsal + 1986 lp cd-r

Bolle - vox R.I.P.

flyers taken from the smurfpunx collective website (will look for link)
damn,sometimes you wish you were never born or sometimes you wish you were born earlier so you could have seen some of your favorite bands playing together
wish i was there in '86-87
but started to listen to hc/punk in '89/'90 so missed a great period of european hc
but nice when you find out later,goes for HATE CREW discovered em a few yrs ago,didnt know it was that good ;-0
there's a rehearsal floating around on the net from Heibel,cleaned it up coz it had alot of tapenoise
removed it and did a "high pass filter"?????? no clue what it is/does exactly but in this rehearsal it added more high tones or took out the bass,whatever
it sounds better now i think,still a huge difference compared to the lp recordings offcourse but that one has a great 80's sound,A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!
read on their myspace their vocalist "Bolle" died a few yrs go
whats that with all those bands members who die at an age way too young to go???
don't know what happened but it's fucked
gotta make some big changes in life too ,35 and fucked up...
hc 2010 live it ! isn't it? nah,take good care of yourself people!!!! your health is the most important thing in life!
but back to tunes
3 brothers were in this band,how cool is that huh,and they still play together in a band i forgot but prob not your taste either so ;-)
heres the dl link
PLAY DEAFENING LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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