maandag 30 augustus 2010

upcoming : old uploads in a new jacket! and B.S.E. - discography

now i know how to clean/mix stuff im gonna redo awhole lot of the older posts i did on here
already working on the CONDEMNED/ATTITUDE cdr

and because cleaning crap takes alot of time im gonna post some other stuff
busy with a B.S.E. post,dutch fastcore "legends'' ha ha ,nah these guys were really good,
promised myself and Vin that a 10'' of the wall of death session and the insult split tracks will come out on less slow in the near future

ALL TENSED UP (BSE/TENSE REACTION members) - discography cd digipack /100 too
i wont post that one offcourse but this week will be a dutch week !!!

got B.S.E. /LOMB/MIHOEN-disco/LARM cleaned live stuff/DISGUST - demo's & live,mongo mange gatoo lp/nekromantiker demo/dandare etc lined up,think ill post the whole shabang at once so keep an eye out if you wanna score some dutch classics!

los crudow in cordoba spain '96 = next /maybe together with limpwrist @ gilman as cdr ??????


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