maandag 16 augustus 2010

CORPSE - core of destruction - the 1985 demo's (canada)

HOWDY-HO!!! we're back ;-)
needed to calm down a bit or else this blog would have changed into a poop/porn blog with all the "eat my shit" "suck my dick" etc
parent were 4o yrs married too so a little break
like i said before,i don't need all that crap,shittalking/backstabbing/lying etc for a bunch of mp3's
thats the sad state of hc these days
but dont forget kids JEALOUSY & GREED kill character
copying text from other blogs/websites and using it as your own opinion in conversations on the net is even more sad
but im not gonna say more,im done with all that crap,dont play that game anymore,left slsk so i dont hear anymore crap when im online
if someone wants to kick my ass for something ive posted on here or gonna post,so be it
this is me,not pretending if you dont like it,just leave but dont post shit,takes me too much time to delete it all and i better use my time for something usefull like this

CORPSE - both 85 demos CLEANED!
removed A.M.S. from the 2nd demo,it's also on the first and both sounded the same so no need to put it in twice...
tried a few things,still not the best job ever offcourse but its def better,no hiss and boosted volume a bit and less bass in the drums of the 2nd demo
i don't know everything so gotta google for info,but if you like the previous direct action post,you should get this one too,just as good,maybe even better coz theyre a little faster,neg gain fans should dl too,cant go wrong ;-)
edit: cant find any info,nada dl-ed these demos yrs ago on slsk and there s an U.K. band too with the same name,who also released a couple of demos in those yrs,but more punky stuff
but cant find anything on this band so everything you know is welcome

TEEN IDLES discography (+/- 70 tracks) next but that one will take alot of time,some stuff sounds really poor but i wanna do it for awhile now so will start tonight! check back soon!

i luv you all ;-0


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  1. hey danny,i have some live sets of teen idles on cdr,send me an email if you want them.and i'll upload for you.

  2. hey Rob,
    still owe you a bunch of live dvd's and a sucked dry record,messed things up,sorry but got plenty of time now/empty computer... so IM WORKING ON IT!!!
    ill email you!
    but good to see you on here!

  3. hey thats fine dan,cant even remember what live dvds i was getting from you,do you know?
    hey check your blog out frequently for the cool posts.heres a link to my blog below,gonna start posting old tapes and shit.

  4. I am confused. Some of these titles are similar to the New Jersey, usa CORPSE band with ex-Hatred members.
    1986 cover for Core of Destruction demo