zondag 29 augustus 2010

the A-TEAM - live on WWPI & WERS campus radio boston-MA 2005 CD-r

MORE BOSTON HARDCORE! and to me one of the best of the last decade!
the A-TEAM

just done cutting/cleaning/boosting the WWPI set 11 tracks incl a SSD cover ;-) no titles tags yet but if someone can help out with titles would be cool! im gonna cut and boost the wers now ,so titles etc will follow later with cover and crap,have to dig up the acoustic set at WERS too,that one is hilarious!!!!!!!!! check back soon!!!!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ola Amigo ! I have some things you might want, try and hit me up on sseek if possible. Hope all is well ! By the way, this link is broken for A-Team. Hopefully to talk to you soon !


  2. yo Mike,
    little fed up with slsk at the moment,im on every now and then but just to get some titles or missing/damaged tracks
    probably will be on tonight,need to find out titles for the a-team and dont wanna play the vinyl over and over so gotta dl the mp3's