vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

FIT FOR ABUSE - 1996-2010 CLEANED demos!

pictures taken by Al Quint-suburban voice mag.

Joey - vocals
Johnny - guitar
Deedee - bass
Tommy - drums
past members
Matt Kelly - vox
Ray - vox
Led - guitar
Kevin Dive(GET HIGH)- drums
Mark (ENTROPHY) - drums
Joe Shumsky - drums
Pat Gerry - bass

aight.after 2 days here we have the cleaned up version of the story so far compilation i did on slsk

this starts of with the 13 track demo from '96 12 tracks of their own + unite or loose from the FU's as bonus
followed by the psycho Ray demo dont know from what year exactly,not even sure if its released,never saw a hard copy but its goooooood!
this one has a different vocalist (Ray) who filled in for Joey
than the 2 tracks from the split 7'' with R'n'R on BRIDGE9 recs
followed by the stab to kill records comp track
than youll get the the mindless violence 7'' released on CRUST recs in '96 recorded on a 8 track in Kurt "peanut butter + tofu" Ballou's (CONVERGE) basement
and last but not least a bonus track recorded during the e.p. session
demos are cleaned up,goodbye to the tapenoise and hello extra bass
demo '96 still not sounding how i want it,but good enough for now

and still playing,if you are in the boston area,you should go to the trouble reunion and make sure you don't miss FFA!
interview with Matt from 2006

5 opmerkingen:

  1. muzzi has been also in the great OUT COLD!!!
    he joined the band for the first European tour and left soon before recording of the 4th album. Appears on the live album and the No Side split.

    rock on.....

  2. cool,but you prob wont believe me if i say that im not an out cold fan ;-0 i can only listen to the no eye contact 7'',2 broken hearts lp and the one with the last in line guitarist,reminds me i still have to pick it up too
    but cant deny they have a sound/style of their own
    think my problem with em is the flat productions/weird guitar sound
    they wrote awhole bunch of great tracks but it doesnt come out how it should be imho...

  3. Re-upload this! let me know if you do, marcogonzalezxxx@gmail.com

  4. You left out Muzzi on guitar . He played after Led. Can you please re-up!

  5. I missed the earlier comment about Muzzi. I suck. But again, please re-up!