woensdag 25 augustus 2010

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - 1985 discography cd-r CLEANED! (DC) Dave Grohl (NIRVANA/FOO FIGHTERS 1st/2nd band)

cleaned up version of the old post,liveset @ Ashbourn,Burke-VA included in this one too,ripped from a video but removed the noise,more bass but still not satisfied but this took me ca. 14 hours and im fed up for now

but the demo came out reaaaaaal nice!!!! split 7''/comp track had a little boost too,so the sound fits the demo tracks

shitty front...pic from the split 7'' with LUNCHMEAT a.k.a. the thanks 7'' on DISCHORD recs
there's not much too find about em on the net,actually nothing except the listed demo in a few Grohl discography's,no live pics,band/myspace site nada

members played in FREAK BABY before this but they didnt exist that long and changed into M.I.

Chris Paige - vocals
Bryant (Ralph) Mason - guitar
Dave Smith - bass
Dave Grohl - drums

been trying to find some of the missing demo/live titles for yrs now so this is again a request to all of you who know something more


full set video from the liveset will follow too,have to convert it from dvd...the pic on the 7'' and the one i used for the front is taken at this gig
in track 31 on the disc ...everybody was sitting/lying/chilling on the floor ,band and audience
(their 3rd to last show ...and their last show they played together with LUNCHMEAT ever,2nd to last with AGE OF CONSENT,and the last with the mighty (some say ;-) BAD BRAINS)

pretty cool vid
heres a youtube sample of the first 6/7 min
and my favorite track 20/20 hindsight
here you can download the cleaned up 32 track discography
just listening to it and the bass sounds nice full now in the demo but maybe too much for the drums,but im ok with it,hope you are too and if not,live with it or D.I.Y. ;-)

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