dinsdag 26 juli 2011

ABORTION SQUAD - hardcore '83 demo

ABORTION SQUAD - hardcore '83 demotape
old manchester-new hampshire band,demo floated around on slsk for yrs but only 8 tracks...this is the complete demo,21 tracks
this time with scans of the tape cover
this got a hilarious comment from a frustated person that licked GG's ass one time too many ,coz hes talking shit,so i bumped it ;-0
and self promoted crap is what we call D.I.Y. in hc-punk
some people....
2nd part of this demo is some of the best stuff written in that period,nothing more to be said
cleaned up the rip that was up before coz i still have no tape rip software,removed cuts so PLAY LOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUD!


be warned,BONUS TRACKS NOT INCLUDED! maybe later...

and oldschoolmikeeee:  still got #19/70 lying around here for ya ;-0 + a bunch of other stuff,incl 2 sucked dry 7''-es too,but lost adress ....SEND!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This demo is one of the best hardcore stuff ever release ; fast, raw, aggressive and spontaneous.

    This demo has been unfindable for many years now and the official release on Thrashing Violence records gave the chance for some people who really love hardcore to get this masterpiece, whith bonus.
    No need to release it on vinyl, the tape sound is good enough, but it's 70 copies, not one more.
    For people who missed this release, you can get it on soulseek BUT :

    The rip that is spread on soulseek is not from the official tape. It's from a shitty bootlegged rip that somebody put on share on a music website for sale (about 0.99 cent each song).
    So there are two problems :
    1. this is sold without band permission while the band itself put it then on itunes
    2. this bad rip has incorrect track names and there is some cuts as it's said.

    So for a right rip, contact the band (who might have some tapes left for sale).

  2. these guys suck. they're self promoted crap. every post and every comment is from them. nobody in new hampshire ever heard of them. they brag that the played with GG, but GG couldn't stand them. everyone from that time in NH knew GG, he was that popular.