maandag 25 juli 2011

de ZWEETKUTTEN (SWEATY CUNTS) - greatest hits 1982-2006

                                  i had a filthy front cover planned but decided to keep it nice
luckily these were converted before,mornington crescent will be wav!
maybe a short video of de ZWEETKUTTEN performing live on dutch television,VPRO's 3 voor 12 later ,it has a little interview with Ditte and some liveshots from the reunion gig,also some ZMIV reunion footage but a rm file,hardly playable only with a tubeplayer,and couldnt convert it before but will try soon!
but in the meantime you can drink a few Grolsch beers and enjoy this
and for the people that don't know em yet,ill write some history down tomorrow,got some scans of their interview from the kippekrant too,in dutch ha ha that will follow too
just ""talked" to someone on slsk and he actually ripped the demo,many moons ago ;-)
so THX to Rene from Alkmaar for that one and he also gave me some more info,the rehearsal recordings are recorded by Otske,no one knew he recorded em,till recently he came up with the tape,pretty cool
he did record all rehearsals in the past and now yrs later he still does,would be cool to take a dive in his box with zweetkutten tapes ;-)
on youtube you can find a few clips íll post link later coz im gonna repost a new version of the MORNINGTON CRESCENT NOW,also big thx to Rene for that one!!

and yep,the 1982 demo belongs on a piece of vinyl too!

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  1. Looks interesting...
    Is there a download link?

  2. later tonight,still need to start uploading but will do tonight for sure