zondag 24 juli 2011

SIN ORDEN - jovenes siguiendo la lucha demo (incl inserts & cleaned up)

we're latinos,the youth,and we continue the fight.
we formed this band to fight,not to be famous,not to be rich.
we formed this band to educate,about all the problems and all the lies.
we formed this band to express our ideas and opinions,
we formed this band to change the mind of some
and the problem of everyone.


nothing more to be said,this is raging pissed of latino hc,one of the best bands in its genre and after many years theyre back with an lp & split 7 inches so go buy em!
theres also a japanese tour cd out but probably long sold out,maybe ill upload it too with the covers but laterrrrrrr

other tape

this time with the inserts, also took out the noise and did some nice fadeouts ,go check it out

& again thx to Andre for ripping the tape!

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