dinsdag 26 juli 2011

PROCESS OF ELIMINATION - it's time to care 1988-1989 demo's (CT)

removed the tapenoise for ya'll so it will be worth the wait 19 tracks of pre THE PIST!

ST demo 1988

01-anger in our eyes
02-process of elimination
03-you tell me
04-time to care
05-land of the free
07-sometimes good guys don't wear white (MINOR THREAT)

time to care demo 1989

08-process of elimination
09-you tell me
10-time to care
11-fight back
12-i belong
13-can't change me
14-art fag
15-see my brother die
16-land of the free
17-hopscotch,said the pig
18-anger in our eyes
19-new gas song

great stuff,first demo is seriously pissed off hc,and favorite overhere,other demo is better produced but missing the aggression from the first one,but check for yourself,both good demos and worth dl-ing!
they also released a 5 song 7'' in '90 i believe called 'anger in our eyes'
but to be honest,never heard it,got cover scans of the records and sleeve but no music ha ha
but i rather put this up,never saw it on a blog and had it without track titles so spend some time looking for em and now here it is.
wav files,cant find a good mp3 converter that converts to 320,can convert to 128 kbps only
but dont wanna spread em in a low bitrate so D.I.Y. or die ;-) and return em as mp3 and your the coolest kid on the block!
so please help me/others out so they don't have to dl/convert crap
and maybe some cover stuff laterr,not sure

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  1. Here are the demos at 320 kbps.

    The 2nd demo and Anger In Our Eyes 7" were staple releases in my early development and introduction to Punk/HC. So good to hear this again... it's been lost from my collection for decades. If you ever come across the 7", I'd love to hear it again as well.

    Keep me posted. Thanks.

  2. thx & will do,but don't see a link????
    might need to check spam settings