zondag 31 juli 2011

GET IT AWAY - demo + live @ WLUW radio (dl link works now!)

they did a 7'' on THIRDxPARTY RECORDS go get it,probably still available somewhere,not even sure if i own this one vinyl,its a shame huh,underated band for sure...
think they didnt release more than the demotape & 7''
tape/liveset are from 2003,will be 12/13 tracks in total ,gonna be a nice one!
if you don't know em and are into bands like BLACK SS/KILL YOUR IDOLS/AWOL with good lyrics about nazi shit,homophobia in the hc scene,women/child abuse...etc...you'll get the point,and if not,you should get the fuck out of here...

demo 2003

01-nation of the damned
02-malt liquer BS
03-they live,we sleep
04-under the knife
05-bride of frankenstein

live on WLUW radio 2003

06-malt liquer BS
08-they live,we sleep
09-under the knife
11-bride of frankenstein
12-without reason (NO FOR AN ANSWER)
13-no class (REAGAN YOUTH)

only took out a little talking and boosted the songs and whatever...nice one



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