vrijdag 29 juli 2011

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - demo-7 inches (disco lateerrrr)

i'm a total wreck... wanted to put up the demotape,raw mix of the 2nd 7'',both 7-es and the liveset at radio K,but lost the compiled stuff folder i had,so need to redo those
so for now here you have the demotape & both their 7''....too bad they didnt release more coz this was one of the best hc (real hc ;-) bands that existed the last 10 yrs,if you never heard em before this could have been made in '82/'83
sloppy,fast,funny ...some nice ingredients for a good record,tour cover is a nice one too #-ed/200

FJ was:
Eric - bass (on demo only)
D-boon - bass (on are a total wreck 7''only)
Andy - vocals
Colin - drums
Matt - guitar




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