vrijdag 29 juli 2011

DAYS AHEAD - demo's + 7'' WITH INSERTS/COVER! included this time...


but the good stuff ;-) members went on to form the band BONES BRIGADE!                 

this one is for Pat (still around?) & miss Megan,promised it a year ago or something;-) here they are..           

cleaned em up a bit but the last 6 tracks (reconcile demo) still hurts your ears a bit ;-) cymballs of the drum are too LOUD,cant fix it...but don't forget,these 2 tapes were school projects,no official demo releases,handfull of tapes were made and given to friends etc...picked this up from the FNS guy i think...but its been awhile and who cares ;-)
fast youth crew ala UNIT PRIDE/BREAKAWAY and the likes...really underated record! offcourse the cover didnt help,damn this is probably the worst 7'' cover ive ever seen,really poor printwork,you know im famous for doing shamefull covers but i made a cdr version and will try to make a better frontcover with the pics from the tapes...some info on back will follow too,so 90% done.

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