woensdag 27 juli 2011

DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS - 6 song 7'' + 3 bonus (ESPERANZA fans,get this!)

talking about underated records
here we have the dirty dirt & the dirts 7'' from '98,this has Rich Booher on vocals,you should know him as the vocalist for ESPERANZA,he did alot of other bands besides esperanza (some were included in the  ESPERANZA disco posted before,but i messed order of the tracks and all songs are mixed up now...any help with the 3 unreleased esperanza tracks in that folder is appreciated,so i can remove the other stuff...thx)
this is pretty much same style as esperanza,offcourse you hear a difference but just as good,well thought lyrics too,go read it! while you wait for the tunes!
oh yeah track 7&8 are dl-ed from their myspace yrs ago when it was still easy to dl from there
track 9 is taken from the SK8 OR DIE! comp 7'' post scans of that record later
esperanza demotape scans will follow too! both versions,and later a nice metallica "pastor of muppets" lp rip off cover for the disco...
and if anyone has the full DD&TD discography,hook me up????? pleaaase ,i won't post it on here,but just wanna hear those old songs,never heard the demo etc and think they recorded over 20 songs,would be cool to hear em!


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  1. Hey,this is Rich Booher again. I also found this on the same night! Great job! Thanks for keeping these songs in cirulation. One of the songs on here (Let Me Know) is from the demo. The demo had six songs, and I think that two of them made it onto the 7". The other four have been long forgotten for good reason!

    Besides the 7" and demo, we recorded 4 compilation songs. 3 were released (on the Youngblood comp, the Sk8 or Die Comp, and the As the Sun Sets Comp). The other song was sent to someone in Europe to be used on a comp, but I don't think it ever came out (if it did, I never received a copy or heard about it, and I no longer have a copy of the song myself. If you can track it down, I would be grateful to you!).

    We also played a live set on a radio show in Claremont, CA. I may have a copy of a tape of that laying around somewhere. I'll look for it. If I have it, would you be able to convert it into MP3 form? If so, I'll send it to you. You can email me at crbooher@yahoo.com, and I'll get back to you if I can find the tape (It may have disappeared - I've moved around a lot - but I will check.

    Also, anything you find/or receive you may post. No one in that band has any ridiculous hang-ups. We were a DIY band from the 90s, and I still hold onto the ethos of those times!

  2. Oh yeah, the song "Sang Froid" (#8) is the song from the "...As The Sun Sets Comp."

  3. hey Rich,
    great to see you on here and thx for the info!
    im gonna ask around a bit about that song that was supposed to come out on the euro comp...
    ive got the other compilations as hard copy as well,so will post pictures of those soon (also some esperanza demo scans)
    and ill email you about that live tape,would be nice to hear!
    thx for checking the blog