zondag 31 juli 2011

SUCKED DRY - falling apart at the seams 7'' incl covers/record scans

finally some pics online of the record,some of you never saw the "real'' record so here it is,lim cover looks yellow but scanning thingy,its white...

short interview with the band by Mike fifteen counts of arson http://www.fifteencountsofarson.blogspot.com/

and yep,still plenty available for orders or trade for similar stuff,gotta be fast,gotta be gooooood!
soon also available through way back when recs & bong records
go buy some records!

ill post some distro stuff soon

still have the H.O.D./SIDETRACKED split 6'' for sale too,a few...
same goes for the VILE INTENT 7'' (think ive got 2/3 left...)
and ULTIMATE BLOWUP 12 track 7'' ep fastcore-powerviolence from turkey,goood!

contact me if you want any of these or sucked dry 7''inches!

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