woensdag 27 juli 2011

SONS OF ISHMAEL - live @ the roach motel,Guelph,Ontario-Canada 12-26-1986

scan stolen from the equalizing distort blog! go there for some canada hc-punk history!

requested 4 months ago or something but no comp/internet before so here it is,supposed to make a nice cover for this one but lost all programs too i used for making these shitty covers ;-) so have to start all over again and will take some time.so this will change into a nice cdr soon!
from a 1 track,cut it up and removed tape noise,hope you like it,think it misses the 1 track from the set coz it started weird...but 19 tracks of S.O.I. is nice isnt it?

01-service to your country-end to your life
02-small town mentality
03-does it matter
04-be a man
05-burnt farmer
06-Elvis inc.
07-church inc.
08-condemned to live
09-mr. personality
12-posse comitates
13-jingle bells
14-follow the leader
17-break free
18-ducks unlimited
19-today's victim,tomorrows agressor

any help with the 2 missing titles is appreciated!


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